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 Hyper Island

This design project was my application to, Hyper Island, 2021 (a Swedish design and business school.) We were supposed to find a problem within or regarding the school system and design a solution to it that could be presented within 5 minutes. It could be self-experienced, something you have heard or thought of, the sky was the limit. I based my idea on self-experience and feedback from others. 


The process included brainstorming, interviews/feedback, sketching, designing, feedback, presentation. I came up with different ideas but landed in one problem; that a lot of kids have trouble sitting still throughout the whole school day and therefor have a harder time learning theoretical subjects. I proceeded with that problem because of the many benefits of physical activation and how affective it is for concentration and learning. It is also a global problem affecting many people. I interviewed teachers I knew from my old job (I worked at a preschool) to get their view of the problem. That is when I came up with the idea to create an online toolbox for teachers and students to get inspiration on how to combine physical activities/active classes with theoretical subjects. I did my research and wrote down a lot of activities that could be combined with learning and theoretical knowledge then explained them on the website. The toolbox was created on this website via 

Brainstorming, interviews, webdesign




Want to be a part of creating a school environment who is fun, creative and innovative?

Then this toolbox is for you!

Click on how advanced you want the activities to be to be shown the right activities for you and your class.

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