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Branding for Claudia Kent- Psychotherapy 

I got contacted by Claudia Kent through Facebook regarding my illustrations. She really liked them and wanted me to do her branding, illustrate different scenarios to her website and help her with the look of the website. I started off with the branding, creating a colour palette, a logo and choosing typography. 

We had our first meeting, where she explained what she liked regarding colours, logos and typography. I continued with some inspiration research and started sketching on some ideas for the logo. After getting feedback from the costumer I sent two "final" designs for her to choose one. Then I sent her suggestions on the colour palette and typography which she liked. Last but not least I made a final PDF with the whole branding concept (see below). 

Brainstorming, research, sketching, feedback

Namnlös - 9 juli 2021 13.35.32-2.png
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