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Time: 30 min

Participants: 9+

Is it Friday and you notice your students are tired and need a push to focus?

Worry no more!

This relay-race is created to combine a theoretical subject with a fun activity. It is competitive but will make everyone focused!


1. Start with preparing questions for the students, at least 10 per team (just in case). They should be easy to answer from memory.

2. Divide the students into teams. At least 3 in each team, but not more than 7.

4. Tell the students to stand in two lines across each other (line 1 and 2) with a few meters of space in between. Each teams members should stand behind each other with half of the team on line 1 and half on line 2.

5. When you start the time, the team members who stand in the front on line 1 are being asked a question, the person who answers correct first runs to meat their team on line 2, then sits down. The person in their team who are in the front are are now the runner. You continue asking questions and who ever answers correctly runs over to their team on the other line and sits down. Continue until all team members of one team have had their run and are sitting down, and that team have won the race.

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