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Time: 30 min

Participants: 2+


This is a fun way of learning and a motivation for the students to answer the questions right. But if they don't, they'll get a little bit of exercise! If you like the concept but want to make it harder you can change the "punishment" to push ups instead of jumping jacks.


1. Prepare a quiz for your students. Make at least two questions per person. If you have 20 students, make 40 questions.

2. Pick a student and ask one of the questions. If they get it right you move on to another student, but if they say the wrong answer they have to do 10 jumping jacks. Make every student answer at least two questions each.

3. If you want the students to be more involved you can get them to throw a dice (or two) to get the number of the question you will ask them instead of you choosing randomly.

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